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Struggling to keep your emotions in check? Or maybe frustrations and all these bothersome thoughts keep bottling up inside? As a young adult experiencing a quarter-life crisis, believe me, I know that feeling. Which is why I have come to help. Ever heard of Kratom? For me, this plant is a real lifesaver. Luckily, tons of Kratom products are readily available in e-commerce stores. But I have boiled down the products I surely recommend, saving you some time. Let’s try to figure out what kratom products suits you the best – I assure you it’s the best decision ever!

Kratom Overview

Buy Maeng Da Kratom Strain Powder Capsules

Kratom basically, is a plant belonging to the COFFEE family having believed to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and boost energy. Nowadays, several methods to ingest kratom include being made into capsules, teas, extracts, and powders. Usually, I’d prefer capsules for easy ingestion, but I also like sipping Kratom tea in the morning before work to jumpstart my day.

Effects of Kratom
Effects of Kratom

Having to experience the unique qualities of different kratom products, here’s my seasoned perspective of each:


OPMS Gold Kratom Capsule
OPMS Gold Kratom Capsule

Personally, this product is on top of my list for it tastes of something like a prune juice, which in my opinion is better than others. Although it might be a little pricey, it’s the strongest in the market. I really like how it gives me the mental clarity and focus I need during meetings. It’s because it is made up of the green vein Maeng Da variant, known for giving mental clarity and focus. With a 50:1 ratio of Mitragyna Speciosa extract per capsule, it surely has exceptional potency compared to others. Mentally, it clears the fog and brings clarity to me that feels like a breath of fresh air. It helps my mind set my goals straight. Having tried it before presenting my company’s monthly report, I certainly felt I was able to give my all. I even received commendations for a job well done! All thanks to OPMS Gold.


OPMS vs. MIT45
MIT45 Gold Capsules

A friend recommended this product to me, says that it’s better than OPMS Gold. Of course, I had to research more about MIT45 before I took it. The moment I tried it, I understood how this product is better than OPMS. If you want an upgraded kratom effect without having to compromise your budget, this is for you. When it comes to taste, its bitter, something like an espresso version of tea. As its name suggests, MIT45 means there’s 45% of Mitragynine content along with elevated alkaloid levels derived from the Maeng Da variety. Although the effects are a bit short-lived compared to others, it has the perfect dose of relief and energy.


Hush Gold Kratom Capsules
Hush Gold Kratom Capsules

My take on this product is that it might not have the strong effects compared to OPMS and MIT45, but this is perfect for people who wants to start their kratom journey. This one provides balance between relaxation and energy boost. Each capsule contains 7g of full-spectrum extract alkaloids which is the usual dose for beginners. Also, Hush Gold kratom capsules have more active ingredients that OPMS. Hush gold kratom capsules come in 2, 4, and 5 blister packs. Usually, I’d buy the 2-capsule blister packs, one to take in the morning and the other one before bedtime.


Krave Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract Capsules 5ct
Krave Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract Capsules

What sets this apart from others is that it comes from the rare ULTRA-ENHANCED INDO strain sourced from Indonesian rainforest. This provides extended effects than regular kratom strains, ideal for experienced kratom users who seek longer durations of kratom goodness. Having a concentrated alkaloid blend, each capsule offers users to transcend on a different intensity. The first time I tried it, I slept right on and that was one of the best sleep I’ve ever had in years. Imagine being in a well-balanced state of happiness, zero worries, just floating in a calm sea.


Well, have you already decided what to try first? From the potent kick of OPMS Gold to the well-balanced effects of Krave Ultra, I’m sure you’ve already had your pick. Of course, choosing the right kratom product boils down to your personal preferences, desired effects, as well as your budget constraints. Just remember to purchase only from trusted kratom shops online to ensure quality and safety.

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  • Kratom is a plant having superb benefits such as pain relief, energy boost, and relaxation.
  • OPMS Gold has the highest potency, MIT45 Gold provides a kick to your usual kratom deli, Hush Kratom Gold capsules are subtle and for beginners, and Krave Ultra gives longer kratom effects.
  • Choosing the best kratom extract capsule depends on your personal preferences, desired effects and budget constraints.
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