MIT45 Gold Capsules – 6ct

MIT45 Gold Capsules – 6ct

MIT45 Gold Capsules – 6ct

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You asked for it, we got it! The potent Maeng Da strain of kratom is extracted in Holland, using state-of-the-art extraction machines, which results in extremely high alkaloid levels. Customers love that MIT45 has almost no smell or taste to go along with its powerful effects. Enjoy these capsules packed with a powerful punch!

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Not getting enough of a punch from your regular capsules? Try the MIT45 capsules for an extra dose of energy.

Unlike other capsules, these are from a kratom extract meant to get the strongest punch possible. With fast, potent results and a reported hours-long effect that tapers off without nausea or a crash, these capsules will be the perfect companion to have in your back pocket throughout the day. These are not readily available everywhere, but thankfully we have them as a new product!

Our customer reviews rave about the potency of the MIT45 and how much they enjoy it. Thanks to being a capsule these items are portable, easy to access, and quick to consume. So bring your kratom on the go and get the most powerful punch possible whenever you want.

1 review for MIT45 Gold Capsules – 6ct

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been a long time fan of the OPMS gold capsules. I decided to give the these a try and all I can say is WOW! Not only did these help relief my back pain but also gave me a nice burst of energy.

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