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According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Fifteen million, or seven percent, of American adults have Social Anxiety Disorder, with more than 75% of people experience their first symptoms during their childhood or early teenage years. Growing up, I always feel anxious when it comes to interacting with people, let alone stand in a huge crowd. Social anxiety has been a fearsome battle between myself and I. This has been the same scenario for many individuals, hindering our ability to engage comfortably in social gatherings. It’s like an uphill battle, and as someone who has struggles with social anxiety firsthand, I also opt out for solutions that have less side effects like natural remedies for relief and social confidence . Good thing I found decided to buy kratom online.

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Kratom, a natural herb with various strains known for their mood-enhancing abilities, has been my lifesaver ever since I started my journey using it. Kratom has helped me a lot in boosting my self-confidence, making me a better version of myself. You can be too, let me help you explore these top five strains for boosting social confidence.

Maeng Da

If you want to buy kratom strain that is renowned for its energizing and mood-boosting capabilites, the Maeng Da kratom strain is for you. It is often favored by people who likes both enhancing mental focus and confidence. When faced by a daunting social gathering like company events, this has been my go-to strain. Its energizing effects provide me with the much-needed boost of motivation, which makes me talk with people more comfortably. Drinking it an hour before a social gathering, I never felt like I don’t belong in a crowd, regardless of how they look. Thanks to Maeng Da, I felt really proud for myself for showing up and not hiding in a random corner.


I usually buy kratom in this strain beacause it is highly valued for its calming and relaxing effects. If Maeng Da hypes me up, this strain gives me an emotional safety net. It can help alleviate nervousness and promote a sense of tranquility, making it easier to navigate social settings with much ease and comfort. On the days when my social anxiety has been overwhelming, Bali kratom has been a calming presence. Its relaxing, soothing, and gives me the sense of tranquility, making social situations feel more manageable and less intimidating. I remember using this particular strain during my job hunting days, in the morning when I think about unnecessary outcomes after my job interviews. After I sip my Bali kratom infused tea, the noise inside my head subsides, giving me the assurance that everything will be okay.

Green Malay

If you like having a gentler effect, try this. Having the perfect balance of subtle energy boost and mood enhancement, Green Malay kratom is ideal for many situations. This strain promotes sociability and confidence without the overwhelming effects. I often use this on the days I feel fine but still unsure of what the day might bring. Green Malay has become a staple in my cupboard as it gives me a gentle upliftment.

White Borneo

White Borneo kratom is praised for its stimulating and mood-lifting properties. It has the ability to reduce social awareness or overthinking, promotes sociability, and enhances confidence levels, making interactions with people more natural and enjoyable. For me, this strain is almost the same as the Maeng Da, just less stronger. Using this strain, I could pull up jokes to random people I get to talk to in the park everytime I walk my dog in the morning. This gets rid of the unwanted “what ifs?” in my brain, making me more sure of myself throughout the day.

Red Thai

This strain is valued for its relaxing and mood-enhancing effects. It can help reduce anxiety and promote a sense of well-being, making social interactions more natural and less intimidating. In my case, Red Thai is a reliable ally for situations that need fast-acting solutions. This strain gives me the composure and confidence boost I need to face the hurdles that come my way, providing mental clarity.

Kures Apothecary | Tired of Social Anxiety? Top 5 Kratom Strains for Boosting Social Confidence

Though kratom has played a significant part of my social well-being, it is still important to approach its use responsibly. The first time I decided to buy kratom online, I always start with small doses, usually 1-2 grams and I also pay close attention to how my body reacts. More than that, always prioritize to have an open communication with your trusted healthcare professional to ensure that kratom complements your overall wellness regimen.

Well, that’s it! I hope by reading this, you have been equipped with additional insights you need to start your kratom journey to achieve self-confidence. With the right approach, managin social anxiety can become more manageable filled with moments of growth and empowerment.

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  • Kratom is an herb proven to have confidence-boosting effects.
  • Kratom has different strains namely – Maeng Da, Bali, Green Malay, White Borneo, and Red Thai, each having unique effects to help you overcome social anxiety.
  • Before purchasing, it is important to consult a health professional.
  • Kures.co is a trusted Kratom shop offering a wide range of premium products to relieve social anxiety.