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Kures Apothecary | Best Drinks to Mix with Kratom for a Delightful Taste Experience

Have you tried drinking Kratom with other drinks? If not, then, why not? If your only choice was to mix it with water, well good news! Try mixing kratom with other drinks for a more enjoyable experience!

I’m not really fond of drinking or eating anything that is bitter. So as much as I want to enjoy Kratom for its benefits, I just can’t! Are you like that as well? We’re on the same page then!

I’m a coffee lover, so rather than drinking Kratom with just water, I tried mixing it with coffee instead! I didn’t smell nor taste the bitter flavor that I hate! It balances the effects of the Kratom and the coffee and just the perfect way to start your day! That’s why choosing the right kratom strain is really a good idea to experience its taste and effects.

Just a reminder, don’t mix it with any alcoholic drinks! Mixing Kratom with alcohol can be potentially dangerous. Due to its strong effects, it’s not recommended. According to Ocean Recovery, many people have mixed alcohol and kratom without any problems, despite their intrusive thoughts. Reports of deaths associated with kratom sometimes involve the presence of alcohol. So don’t you dare try it!  We warn you! 

This blog will guide you on how to consume kratom with your preferred mixes while maximizing its benefits. Without further ado, we’re going to introduce you with the lovely drinks you can choose!

The Art of Masking Kratom’s Taste

Kures Apothecary | Best Drinks to Mix with Kratom for a Delightful Taste Experience

Explore mixing kratom with drinks for a new taste experience. Elevate your enjoyment with these delightful blends to suit your preferences!

Sweet Juices

Start by mixing kratom with citrus juices to counter its bitterness. We recommend the following juices:

  1. Orange Juice.
    • As you prepare your kratom, pick up a whisk along the way and mix it with orange juice. This may taste better if you choose the one with high potency, as the taste of the juice becomes stronger as well. 
  2. Grape Juice.
    • If you’re not a fan of orange juice, then you should try mixing it with grape juice! With grape juice, you will not actually taste the bitterness or any earthy taste of the Kratom as you consume it. Grapefruit juice prolongs kratom’s effects by inhibiting specific pathways of its active alkaloids. So the longer it takes effect on the body, the better, right?!
  3. Mango Juice
    • Well if you’re not a fan of orange juice or grape juice, mango juice is definitely your choice! I like mixing my Kratom with mango juice! It does have the same effects as well with orange and grape juice.
Kures Apothecary | Best Drinks to Mix with Kratom for a Delightful Taste Experience


You’re a beginner into blending fruits and veggies for smoothies? Then, you should try mixing kratom with your blender for added variety.

First, select your favorite fruits for a smoothie. Then, add kratom before blending for a simple and delicious concoction! This is a great way to hide that bitterness as well as the smell will go ‘bye-bye away’!

Kures Apothecary | Best Drinks to Mix with Kratom for a Delightful Taste Experience

Tea Mixes.

We’re done with juices and smoothies, so let’s go to a typical ‘kratom tea’ drink. It’s just a simple process like making coffee. Note that it is necessary to avoid high temperatures to preserve the alkaloid content of the Kratom. 

Just brew kratom tea that is tolerable to your taste buds. Unlike with the previous mixes, you might still taste the earthy flavor of the kratom. If unsure of flavor choices, experiment with teas. Citrus, green, raspberry, fruit, mint, vanilla, or Masala tea, your choice is yours!

Kures Apothecary | Best Drinks to Mix with Kratom for a Delightful Taste Experience


Last but not the least, my most favorite of them all, Coffee, both for coffee- and non-coffee lovers! So what happens when you buy kratom and mix it with your lovely coffee? Combining kratom and coffee can enhance your energy levels as they both serve stimulants for your central nervous system. 

Hence, Kratom has opioid receptors like opioids but with reduced addictive potential. While coffee usually contains methylxanthine compounds that provide a stimulating effect. In simpler words, both have active ‘fighters’ that can really wake you up!

Kures Apothecary | Best Drinks to Mix with Kratom for a Delightful Taste Experience

End Note:

Enhancing the taste of kratom can be both enjoyable and creative. Numerous flavorful blends available that can elevate your experience. Options range from citrus juices to smoothies and teas, catering to diverse tastes and preferences for masking kratom’s flavor.

Additionally, mixing kratom with coffee can offer an energizing effect due to their stimulating impact on the central nervous system. Experiment with these delightful combinations to discover the perfect blend that suits your taste and enhances your kratom experience.


  • Citrus Juices and Teas: You can explore and mask the taste of kratom with flavorful blends like citrus juices, smoothies, and teas.
  • Coffee: It boosts your energy by mixing kratom with coffee for a stimulating effect
  • Experience: Experiment with different combinations of your liking to find your ideal kratom experience.
  • With, you can definitely find the best Kratom on the internet, and buy Kratom to mix with your lovely drink!


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