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  1. Meet OPMS.
  2. What is OPMS Black?
  3. What is OPMS Gold?
  4. What is OPMS Silver?
  5. Comparison of OPMS Black, Gold, Silver.
Kures Apothecary | OPMS Black, Gold, and Silver: The Key Differences Before You Buy Kratom

Looking to buy Kratom and can’t decide which type should you buy first? I totally understand you! You became curious but overwhelmed by the many choices. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

How did I become curious about Kratom? Where did I hear about it? Well, I decided to try Kratom because of a mutual friend. It grabbed my attention as he share his experiences about Kratom. I’m quite skeptical about it because it’s over-hyped! Nevertheless, I decided to try it the next day.

I brewed it like a typical tea, tasting its unique bitterness, which I do not like at first. Drinking as I’m anxious on one rainy day. I didn’t notice the effect right away but it made me feel relaxed while looking at the raindrops, racing from the window. For some reason, I took my iPad, browsed the Netflix, and watched Kevin from Home Alone the movie. This really takes me back home. With just a sip of this Kratom tea, it greatly uplifts my mood, and it pleasantly surprised me as well.

Are you still thinking? If you ask me, OPMS Silver is my current favorite with its mild taste and its affordable price. Together, let’s explore these types of Kratom products. This will make it easier for us to choose the right one for our needs! Now, let’s check yours!

Meet OPMS!

But first things first, we should know the product that we consider taking. Optimized Plant Mediation Solutions or the OPMS, ensures that each product keeps up to 95% of Kratom’s powerful alkaloids. It’s a top brand in the kratom industry since 2005. It’s known for its high-quality products, including capsules and tinctures. OPMS is known for its consistent, high-quality, and effective products. It is also known for its commitment to give customers the best kratom. 

Now, OPMS Kratom products are differentiated according to their ‘color’. They have OPMS Black, OPMS Red, and OPMS Silver. We should check out these types and choose according to our liking!

Kures Apothecary | OPMS Black, Gold, and Silver: The Key Differences Before You Buy Kratom

What is OPMS Black?

To begin with, OPMS Black products includes Liquid Kratom Shot and Kratom Extract Capsules. They give users convenient and effective ways to improve their well-being.

The OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot is for those with a dynamic lifestyle. It offers a fast and strong kratom solution on the go. The Liquid Shot suits dynamic lifestyles, delivering fast relief from muscle pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and enhancing sexual performance.

On the other hand, OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsules deliver a strong dose of organic kratom in a convenient 5-pack. This ensures great portability and performance. If you liked to experience a strong kratom effects, well OPMS Black products might be for you.

What is OPMS Gold?

Now, let’s meet OPMS Gold products. OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom Extract delivers a potent blend of Maeng Da alkaloids. It enhances mood and provides pain relief. It eliminates bitterness with a unique extraction method.

While OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsules offer fast relief. They contain powdered Mitagyna Speciosa leaves. These leaves promote natural pain relief, energy, and mood enhancement. Their convenience makes them ideal for on-the-go use. This is perfect for you if you just want to take mild kratom experience and you’re not on a tight budget!

What is OPMS Silver?

Finally, meet OPMS Silver. There are various options for potent experiences in OPMS Silver capsule variants. Silver Maeng Da Green Vein capsules are strong and stimulating, with no side effects. White Indo vein capsules boost energy and mood, and bring calmness and concentration. The Silver Thai 480 Count capsules, featuring Green Vein Maeng Da and the Silver Thai Capsules (15G), ensure quality with its positive user feedback that maintains alkaloid levels for purity and strength. Silver Thai 480 Count capsules

Transitioning to powders, Silver White Vein Indo promises potency. Silver Super Green Borneo combines Green and Red Vein strains. It delivers long-lasting effects and is favored by kratom enthusiasts who want quality. You should consider buying OPMS Silver if you’re on tight budget and wanted a mild experience in Kratom. This is typically for the ‘starters’ and the ‘crowd’s favorite’ based on the positive reviews!

Comparing OPMS Silver, OPMS Gold, OPMS Black Variants:

Given that we’ve presented you with the three types of OPMS Kratom, we should now take a closer look at their differences. The following are the relevant comparisons between OPMS Silver, OPMS Gold, and OPMS Black. They are in terms of their potency, effects, taste, and price:

Aspect:OPMS Black:OPMS Gold:OPMS Silver:
PotencyVery high potency, featuring a higher alkaloid content.

– OPMS Black Liquid: 375 mg per bottle.

– OPMS Black Capsule: 310 mg per capsule.
High potency.

– OPMS Gold Liquid: 225 mg per shot.

– OPMS Gold Capsule: 205 mg per capsule.
High potency, but lower than Black.

– OPMS Silver Silver: Generally packaged with 480 capsules, equivalent to 288 grams.

– OPMS Silver Powder: Typically available at 16 oz.
EffectsIntense effects including pain relief and sedation.Potent effects offering pain relied and relaxation.Balanced effects offering energy boost and elevation.
TasteBitter with a strong herbal flavor.Similar to Black, with a slightly milder taste.Similar to Black, with a slightly milder taste.
PriceUsually the highest due to its potency. The starting price of OPMS Black Liquid is $13.99, while the OPMS Black Capsule is $36.99.Moderately priced, reflecting to its quality. The starting price of OPMS Gold Liquid is $13.87, while the OPMS Gold Capsule is $38.99.Generally more affordable compared to black. The prices of OPMS Silver products ranges from $8.99 to $57.99.


Congratulations! You made it here. Which type of Kratom will you choose? Let us take Kratom in moderation and good luck on your Kratom journey!

  • OPMS Black is intense and potent. It offers fast relief from pain, anxiety, and depression. It also boosts energy and sexual performance. Most expensive among the three due to its potency, and with a bitter, stronger flavor.
  • OPMS Gold has balanced effects. It gives euphoric mood, pain relief, and relaxation. It’s moderately priced and has a milder taste.
  • OPMS Silver is high potency. It has balanced effects, giving increased energy, better mood, calmness, and focus. It ensures the highest alkaloid content and purity. It is the most affordable among the three, with a milder taste.
  • Here in Kures.co, you can find different variations of products when you buy Kratom and experience its consistent quality!


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