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  1. What is OPMS Black?
  2. What is OPMS Gold?
  3. What is OPMS Silver?
  4. OPMS Silver vs OPMS Gold vs OPMS Black

Are you intrigued by the world of OPMS Kratom?  In this article, we’ll explore what makes three special types of OPMS Kratom different: OPMS Black, OPMS Gold, and OPMS Silver. Whether you know a lot about Kratom or are just curious, this guide will help you pick the one that’s best for you.

What is OPMS Black ?

OPMS Black, available in both liquid and capsule forms, takes center stage as the premium product line from the company.  This strain is different from Gold and Silver because it’s stronger and has more of a stuff called alkaloids.  Comprising a blend of various Kratom types, OPMS Black is designed to deliver a more intense experience.

What is OPMS Gold ?

OPMS Gold Kratom, available in both liquid and capsule forms, is a signature product of the company. Unlike Silver and Black, which have different kinds of Kratom, Gold uses a special method to make it stronger and purer. The result is a finely milled, rich, golden powder exuding an air of refinement.

What is OPMS Silver ?

The OPMS Silver, also available in capsule forms, incorporates unique strains like Red Sumatra, White Indo, and Green Thai. Its adaptability is a crucial characteristic that strikes the ideal balance between stimulation and relaxation. It is the best option for many uses because of this.

OPMS Gold, Black and Silver
OPMS Silver Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom Capsules – 120 ct

OPMS Silver vs. OPMS Gold vs. OPMS Black

These three OPMS Kratom types give you different feelings, each with its special traits and results.

Potency: OPMS Black is often touted as the strongest option, featuring a higher alkaloid content. OPMS Gold is slightly less potent than Black, while OPMS Silver is acknowledged as a milder alternative.

Taste: OPMS Black boasts a stronger, more bitter flavor compared to traditional powdered Kratom.  OPMS Gold and Silver taste less strong, probably because they have different stuff in them called alkaloids. 
Effects: OPMS Gold can make you feel better, ease discomfort, and bring a nice mix of feeling excited and relaxed, though it’s a bit weaker than Black. Silver is usually thought to be not as strong as Black or Gold, but it still gives you the usual good feelings from Kratom, like feeling happy and relaxed.

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3-Bullet Summary:

  • OPMS Black is the strongest in three with high alkaloid content.
  • OPMS Black has a strong, bitter taste; OPMS Gold offers a mix of relaxation and excitement;
  • And Silver provides similar but milder effects.


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