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  1. OPMS and MIT45.
  2. What are the Key Ingredients?
  3. How do they extract these Key Ingredients?
  4. MIT45 and OPMS Ingredients Comparison

In the world of herbal supplements, OPMS and MIT45 have become quite popular for their strong kratom extracts. These products claim to provide unique effects. But what’s actually in them, and what should you keep in mind before trying them out?

OPMS and MIT45

OPMS is well-known for how they make their extracts. They use a special method that makes their product very strong and powerful. MIT45 is another player in the world of kratom extracts known for its powerful products.

Kures Apothecary | OPMS and MIT45 Products: What Are the Key Ingredients?

What are the Key Ingredients?

The primary ingredient in both OPMS and MIT45 products is kratom.  Kratom, obtained from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree native to Southeast Asia, contains a range of alkaloids.  However, the key ingredients are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Mitragynine: is the part of kratom that makes you feel more awake and active, even when you take a small amount.
7-Hydroxymitragynine: This is the part of kratom that can act like opioids, giving you a sense of happiness and pain relief.

How do they extract these Key Ingredients?

OPMS and MIT45 use a special way to make strong kratom products that have a lot of effect. This process involves several steps:

Harvesting: Mature kratom leaves are carefully picked from the Mitragyna speciosa tree.

Drying: These leaves undergo drying, typically outdoors, to reduce moisture content.

Grinding: Once dried, the leaves are finely ground into a powder.

Extraction: They use special liquids to take out the important stuff of alkaloids from the powdered kratom. 

Concentration: After that, they make these important parts stronger, so you get a really powerful liquid or powder.

MIT45 and OPMS Ingredients Comparison

The main difference between MIT45 and OPMS kratom is how much mitragynine and other things are in them. MIT45 has a 45% mitragynine content and provides a direct experience with few other components. OPMS extracts contain a variety of alkaloids in varying ratios. For those who are just getting started with MIT45 and OPMS, look no further than Kures.co to buy Kratom that you can count on.

3-Bullet Summary:

  • The key ingredients in OPMS and MIT45 products are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.
  • OPMS and MIT45 use a special extraction method to concentrate the key ingredients in their kratom products.
  • MIT45 has a higher mitragynine content and fewer other components than OPMS extracts.


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