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  1. I almost bought Kratom from the Black Market…
  2. Kratom Effects, Risks, and Dosage.
  3. The Best Kratom Strains For You!

I almost bought Kratom from the Black Market…

It’s quite tempting to buy at black markets because of the cheap prices. It can seem worth the risk, knowing that we could achieve the same effect as with the original product. I get that. However, I have to disagree when it comes to buying supplements, especially Kratom. 

To tell you the truth, I ALMOST purchased a Kratom back then. I sprained my ankle while at the trampoline park, and it’s really painful. For the first week, all I could do was apply an ice pack and barely walk around my home. As I was seeking temporary relief, I recalled a conversation with my co-worker, who had recommended Kratom to my boss, claiming that it can help ease any pain. So I asked her about it.

When I checked the social media group she recommended, I’m quite skeptical because the prices were unusually low compared to the ones I had researched, — like the Kratom products at On the black market, you can even buy Kratom in bundles, which almost got me. But, I took a moment to contemplate and tried to stand firm before making a decision. After all, those are not really regulated like a prescription. Like what if there’s some harmful substances included, making them even riskier? I couldn’t shake these thoughts, so I followed my instincts and purchase from instead. 

I followed the recommended dosage appropriate to my body. I’m so glad that I bought from a reliable website. I just want to prioritize my safety and to lessen the pain from my injury. It’s much safer to buy from legal sources of kratom and avoid unnecessary risks.

Kratom Effects, Risks, and Dosage

According to the KratomLords’ website, the effects of Kratom vary depending on the dosage. It is explained that at lower doses, it provides a slight stimulant effect, offering an energy boost that you need, improved focus, and even attentiveness. If you also want to lose weight, Kratom is also one of the best supplements to consume. Furthermore, for coffee lovers out there, you can even substitute your morning coffee with Kratom! This will greatly enhance your mood for the day. 

However, it’s important to exercise caution when consuming Kratom in higher doses. As explained in a study by the National Library of Medicine, other potential side effects include: vomiting, drowsiness, irritability, agitation, nausea, weight loss, insomnia, dehydration or / and excessive thirst. Therefore, if you frequently consume Kratom in high doses, your risk of dependency will be higher as well. 

Upon consumption, it usually takes effect after 5-10 minutes, and it will last for 2-5 hours. To be specific, the following table can be used as a reference:

Dosage Level:# of Grams:Effect:
Low Dosage2-4 gramsIncreased energy, enhanced mood, mental clarity and endurance.
Medium to High Dosage 4-8 gramsProvides pain relief and relaxation.
High DosageMore than 8 grams Sedation and decreased alertness. 
***high risk of side effects
Data based on SiliconValley website.

The Best Kratom Strains For You!

Without further ado, we recommend the following Kratom Strains!

1. MIT Therapy Red Bali + White Elephant Powder

This Kratom Powder is a blend of red, green, and white vein Elephant Strains. Due to its potency, it boosts your energy, enhances your focus and uplifts your mood. Always remember to start with low doses if you are new to Kratom. Increase it gradually according to your liking. Additionally, you can mix it with your favorite beverages!

2. Zion Herbals Lucky 80 Tablet

If you prefer a more convenient way to experience Kratom than powder, then this Zion Herbals Lucky Tablet is for you. (It’s on sale right now too!) It contains a high-quality blend of Kratom and Kava extracts, ensuring its potency. This is ideal for relaxing at home and relieving stress.

3. Hush HK Kratom Shot

Now, if you’re looking for something even more convenient than powder, capsules, or tablet, then this Hush HK Kratom Shot is definitely for you! This Kratom shot has the equivalent of 6 grams of Kratom powder, making it much stronger compared to other 10ml Kratom shots.

4. Hush Kratom Extract Infused Gummies

Last but not the least, these Kratom Infused Gummies! Each pack of these gummies has 15mg of Mitragynine in each gummy. So you don’t have to worry about not getting enough Kratom when you need it. You will surely enjoy these, as they are less hassle to take too!


  • Effects: Varies based on dosage. It boosts your energy, focus, and mood. It also helps your weight loss journey.

  • Risks: If frequently consumed in high dosage, this can lead to vomiting, nausea, irritability, and highly increased the risk of dependency.

  • Dosage: The recommended dosage is 2-4 grams for starters. Gradually increase to moderate to high level for pain relief and relaxation. 

  • With, you can find the best Kratom product that you need!


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