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  1. My Holistic Wellness Journey with Kratom
  2. How Does Kratom Work? What are the Effects?
  3. Which Type of Kratom Strain is Best For You?
  4. Kratom Products that You Should Try!

My Holistic Wellness Journey with Kratom

In terms of overall and whole body health, people often encounter solutions that can be found in the easiest and quickest way. Most people are taking supplements rather than exercising and eating a balanced diet to lose weight, only relying on the effect.

There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if it’s effective to them. However, it’s not the best way to be healthy and achieve our aims. You can consume it, but don’t forget to work on your physical, mental, spiritual routine if you want a balanced lifestyle.

For 2 years, I struggled with chronic back pain, due to my work-from-home set-up, with little to no exercise everyday. I regret that. So when I started my exercise routine, I tried to incorporate Kratom into my journey.

I focused first on researching the natural remedies for pain management of Kratom. Starting with a low dose, I enjoy drinking Kratom as my ‘new coffee’ in the morning. I practiced meditation and therapy sessions as well for my stress and emotional management, which supports my chronic pain.

This is why I’m so thrilled to be sharing with you how we found Kratom as a new partner in our quest for healthy living. If you find this blog interesting, I highly recommend that you buy Kratom and start your Kratom journey today!

How Does Kratom Work? What are the Effects?

According to the KratomLords website, Kratom is a great alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals in Los Angeles. With its affordability and accessibility to users, it became more effective and safer to manage one’s health. 

Because the Kratom contains alkaloids which interact with the opioid receptors in the brain, this provides analgesic effects and helps alleviate pain. It also affects mood and cognitive function in a positive way. Since Kratom helps alleviate your physical symptoms, the user tends to participate more in social activities and increase their connections with one another. Lastly, Kratom helps us to enhance our meditation.

The following table summarizes the effects and contribution of Kratom to our overall wellness, so that you can get a better understanding:

1. Physical Well-Being Alleviates physical pain which helps your to fully engage in physical activities
2. Mental and Emotional Health Enhances mood and cognitive function, which contributes to your mental clarity, emotional stability, and managing stress.
3. Sociability Since Kratom helps to reduce physical pain, you can enjoy participating in social activities and gatherings, build connections with others, and reduce isolation.
4. Spiritual Well-BeingEnhance mindfulness and spiritual experiences as you meditate. Kratom also has calming effects and mood-enhancing effects that may support spiritual growth.

Which Type of Kratom Strain is Best For You?

Which one is more suitable for you among the 3 Kratom strains? Is it the Red, Green, or the White Kratom Strain?

Holistic wellness, which includes physical, mental, emotional and social health of the individual, is aimed at transforming individuals with alternative solutions, as stated on Vantage Fit’s website. So if we want to work on our overall health, this will still depend on our body tolerance to Kratom and our body type.

Type of Kratom Strain:
1. Red Kratom Strain– Known for its potency and relaxation-inducing effects.
– Commonly used for pain management and stress relief.
2. White Kratom Strain– Known for boosting energy and stimulating effects.
– Helps increase your focus, enhance motivation
– It is usually for improving mental clarity and productivity
3. Green Kratom Strain– If you want a well-balanced effect, Green Kratom is definitely for you. 
– Gives you a moderate pain relief, energy, and sense of well-being.
– Provides you a mix of relaxation and stimulating effect.

Remember: The effects of strains are dependent on your own preferences. It’s really important to start from low dose to moderate dosage, and adjust gradually based on your liking and body tolerance. Revert to the lowest dose if you experience nausea or any adverse reactions following an increase in dosage.

Kratom Products that You Should Try!

Without further ado, we recommend you to try the following Kratom Products here in!

1. Sembuh Kratom Extract Gummies (1000mg)

These extract gummies also have green and white vein versions that you will surely enjoy! This is perfect for you if you get tired of the usual method of drinking Kratom. With these gummies, you can even take it as you workout without much hassle.

2. Earth Kratom Red Maeng Da Powder (250g)

Each package contains 30 grams of Kratom Powder. It is great for relaxation, mild euphoria, and managing discomfort. You can drink it in the morning or before you go to sleep!

3. MIT Therapy-Green Dragon + Super Green (90ct Capsules)

It offers a balanced energy for your body. This is really perfect if you want to stay focused on your work and activities. 

4. Hush Ultra Kratom Shot.

A lemon-lime flavored Kratom shot that you can consume for your everyday use.

5. MIT Therapy Hulu + White Indo Powder (500g)

This Indo-white Powder Kratom offers a balanced, gentle lift without jitters. Perfect for promoting overall well-being, as it offers convenience and effectiveness.


  • Effects: Due to the opioid receptors, these provide analgesic effects that contributes to our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

  • Type of Kratom Strain: The 3 Types of Kratom Strains depends on our preferences whether it is the red, white, or green kratom strain. Red for potency and pain management, White is for mental clarity and productivity, and Green for a well-balanced effect.

  • Kratom Products: We recommend you to try the Sembuh Kratom Extract Gummies, Earth Kratom Red Maeng Da Powder, MIT Therapy Green Dragon + Super Green and MIT Therapy Hulu + White Indo Powder, and lastly, the Hush Ultra Kratom Shot.

  • With, you can buy Kratom to enhance your holistic wellness journey!


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