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  1. How Does it Help Your Addiction?
  2. The Best Kratom Strains For You
  3. End Note.

Tired of addiction? You’re already looking for ways on how to get rid of that addiction, but your body says otherwise. It’s like drinking coffee. 

Well, coffee is really addictive because the caffeine resembles the adenosine, which blocks the receptors in the brain and increases the levels of dopamine. This makes you energetic and addicted, as explained to the Addiction Center website. So, when you drink coffee all the time, you start to get more adenosine receptors and you start to tolerate caffeine.

Now, you might be wondering, does Kratom really help me overcome abuse and addiction from my body?  The answer is YES! It’s true that kratom gives you the possibility of being addicted to it due to its potency. But, we are recommending you to buy Kratom to help you recover from addiction. It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it?

How Does it Help Your Addiction?

First, here me out. I know it seems impossible because Kratom can really make you addicted, if consumed in high dosages and if not in moderation. But, with the right dosage and right consumption, Kratom does in fact help you recover from abuse and addiction. 

The following are few of the reasons why Kratom helps you recover from the substances that causes addiction:

  1. Alleviation of Withdrawal Symptoms
  • It is said that it helps withdrawal symptoms but it might cause negative effects, if not in proper dosage, according to Mayo Clinic.
  1. Mood Enhancement
  • This is beneficial for those who are recovering from substance addiction, reduce distress and dysphoria during withdrawal.
  1. Reduced Cravings.
  • Kratom helps satisfy cravings without harmful effects.
  1. Pain Management
  • Kratom may offer an alternative for managing your discomfort without risking addiction.

Again, these are only a few of the reasons that can help reduce your addiction.

Remember: Conducting your personal research about kratom and seeking professional help is really essential as per the dosage, and what kind of Kratom strain is suitable for you. The effect varies to the person’s body so we should consume Kratom in moderation. 

The Best Kratom Strains For You

Among the types of Kratom Strains, the Green Kratom strains gives a well-balanced effect to the users and it is less potent, compared to the Red and White Kratom Strains. That’s why here are some of the Green Kratom Strains that you should try!  

1. Green Maeng Da / Green Vein Borneo Kratom Capsules.

You may be able to treat withdrawal symptoms and cravings with both Green Maeng Da and Green Vein Borneo. With the premium quality and efficacy, these may help the users to reduce the addictive effects of the substances. These capsules help you to take just the right dose for your needs, since it’s so convenient.

2. Tusk Platinum Shot.

Next, this liquid Kratom is available in a variety of tastes such as watermelon, vanilla coffee, peach and green apples. For consistent energy, each shot should contain 300 mg. The Tusk Platinum Shot provides a natural and functional alternative to energy beverages, which helps reduce dependency on addictive stimulants. In addition, this also helps the users to manage their withdrawal and break free from the substances.

3. Sembuh Kratom Extract Gummies

This is my favorite among the three. You can enjoy your Kratom experience as you take these cute gummies. These gummies help you promote relaxation without the sedative effects. Also, the gummies have precise dosage of Kratom that may help reduce dependency on addictive substances.

End Note

Overall, for a well balanced effect on your journey, we recommend the Green Kratom strain. With the right dosage of Kratom, this will probably help you reduce your addiction and make your life better. We highly recommend conducting your own research about Kratom, and consult your doctors before you buy Kratom. The effects of Kratom vary from one another as people have different body types and body tolerance to medicines.


  • Kratom and Reducing Addiction: Kratom can help in overcoming substance addiction with the proper dosage and in moderation.

  • Effects: Alleviates withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, enhances your mood, and even your pain management when consumed.

  • Kratom Strains: Green Kratom strains, such as Green Maeng Da or Green Vein Borneo, Tusk Platinum Shot, and Sembuh Kratom Extract Gummies helps you reduce your dependency on addictive substances and withdrawal management.

  • With, you can find the different varieties of Kratom Products that might help reduce your addition and change your life for the better.


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