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  1. How does the MIT45 brand compare to the more well-known OPMS ?
  2. OPMS VS MIT45 Availability
  3. What are the opinions of the people ?

How does the MIT45 brand compare to the more well-known OPMS ?

The chances are clearly in its favor; those who have evaluated it, whether on blogs, kratom websites, or YouTube channels, have been glowing as they relate their experiences. Given that MIT45 is a 50x kratom extract, and OPMS does not reveal the leaf to extraction ratio, this isn’t surprising.

The 50x or 50:1 ratio reflects how many grams of kratom leaf were utilized to generate only one gram of kratom extract, as we discussed in our kratom extract comparison. This is why MIT45 is so powerful, because such extensive extraction results in huge amounts of each kratom alkaloid (mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, corynoxine, paynanteidine, mitraphylline, et al.).

MIT45 Gold Liquid Kratom Shot

OPMS VS MIT45 Availability

Even though we’re starting to notice that MIT 45 is becoming more widely available, OPMS Gold is still one of the most ubiquitous kratom brands on the market. You don’t have to worry about that too much, though, if you find an awesome online kratom store.

OPMS Gold Kratom Shot

What are the opinions of the people ?

  • One user on Reddit was quick to point out the differences between the two goods. “I’ve been on OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shots for a few months, a user posted in response to a question seeking advice on which kratom extract is the strongest. One to four bottles per day are recommended.
  • “I recently tried Mit45 for the first time. I’m never going to buy OPMS again. The greatest I’ve had is MIT45. It’s like reliving my very first encounter. I can’t say enough good things about it !”
  • “I don’t have much of a kratom buzz, and I don’t have a lot of energy…but I’m relaxed. I’m in a very relaxed mood. This is something I will absolutely use again. It’s decent, although it’s a tad on the tiny side.” He goes on to say that the only probable disadvantage of MIT45 is its awful flavor.
OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot


According to a study of reviews on Reddit, 60% of respondents prefer OPMS, while 40% favor MIT45. If you’re venturing into the kratom world for the first time, make sure to buy Kratom from reputable vendors like Kures.co.

3-Bullet Summary

  • MIT45 is a potent 50x kratom extract, while OPMS doesn’t reveal its extraction ratio.
  • OPMS is more widely available, but MIT45 is becoming accessible.
  • Reddit users are divided, with 60% favoring OPMS and 40% preferring MIT45 based on research.


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