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Founded in 2005, Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions is a well-established company that is at the head of the Kratom and Kava extract industry. OPMS is committed to producing the cleanest and purest Kratom products (capsules and liquid) available for purchase. As such, what sets OPMS apart is their unique, pure, and highly effective cold process kratom extraction method they employ. This protects the original, and rather delicate, nature of the plant’s alkaloids that risk being damaged throughout the extraction process. OPMS never supplements their products with anything synthetic; this is inclusive of synthetic alkaloids of kratom- therefore maintaining purity. Additionally, OPMS tests for the presence of common Kratom contaminants like E. coli, heavy metals, Salmonella, and molds. The Gold Capsules and liquid shots from this elite and trusted company are a favorite among connoisseurs.


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