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  1. Consuming Kratom as an Environmentalist
  2. Why you should prefer a sustainably harvested Kratom strain to a cheap one
  3. best Kratom Strains if you want sustainable sourcing
  4. There have been reports of cheap yet dangerous Kratom products
  5. Summary

Consuming Kratom as an Environmentalist

As an environmentalist who has been using Kratom for many years, a thought came into my mind – Is Kratom harvesting sustainable? I, myself, have wondered numerous times how I could keep consuming Kratom while also protecting nature. As an environmentalist, I stand by the principle of protecting our lands and we should pay the price if everything goes south. Of course, we know that Kratom leaves are harvested from thousands of trees from the deepest parts of Southeast Asian rainforests. Just like any resources, Kratom trees may also be lost in the future due to excessive demand, unless we start protecting it.

Kratom sustainable sourcing

Consumers BUY KRATOM now because of its amazing health benefits. Join me as we look into how sustainable it can be in the future.

Choosing a sustainably harvested Kratom strain to a cheap one | Here’s Why

In reality, sustainable Kratom farming must check all of these:

  • Maintaining wild-grown, sustainable kratom trees.
  • Only gathering leaves when they are mature enough for harvesting.
  • Carefully gathering kratom leaves while preserving new growth.
  • In between harvests, ensure that the kratom trees have enough leaves to remain healthy.
  • Avoiding the application of harsh chemicals and pesticides.
  • Since kratom trees frequently grow beneath canopies, avoid causing any harm to the rainforest’s canopy.
Best Kratom Strains for Sustainable Sourcing - Kratom harvesting

Generally, preferring sustainable sourcing over cheaper options would mean that the environment is protected and that the supply of Kratom will last for generations. Those are already two things that a conscious consumer would be happy to hear about.

But, of course, Kratom strains that are harvested sustainably would be highly likely to be more expensive. Since Americans are still arguably the number one users of Kratom, a lot of things would come into play.

Logistics quickly became an issue since sustainable Kratom strains are harvested from the deepest parts of Southeast Asian rainforests. There are already a lot of knockoff sellers today, so the quality of the product, given they’re already the cheapest in the market, would be questionable. That being said, choosing the cheaper option may just cause more risk than benefit.

Buy Kratom Online: Best Kratom Strains if you want sustainable sourcing

1. Red-veined strains

The red vein is the only strain gathered when Kratom trees (Mitragyna speciosa) are mature enough for harvesting. These are from leaves whose veins have already turned red, hence the name. As mentioned, only gathering leaves when they are mature enough for harvesting would tick the box for sustainable farming.

Red-veined strain Kratom products you should check out:

2. Elephant Kratom

If you’re looking for a white, yellow, or gold-veined Kratom, we’re sorry to tell you that you’re not going to find those here if you’re trying to find a more sustainable source.

The elephant kratom, on the other hand, would be a great choice if you’re going that route. First of all, elephant kratoms are grown exclusively in dense parts of the Sumatran rainforests. However, what separates it from other strains is its large leaves, which create a canopy. Moreover, these types usually thrive and live longer than others.

3. Green-veined strains

These strains are typically harvested in the middle of the Kratom tree’s life cycle. As observed, when veins are green, farmers try to take a semi-mature product or the green-veined strain that is most famously known for its high mitragynine content.

Below are just some of the green-veined Kratom products you might want to check out:

There have been reports of cheap yet dangerous Kratom products

Sadly, with the rise in demand, some manufacturers follow a path that poses a lot of risk for consumers. There have been multiple reports of counterfeit KRATOM ONLINE, which are common products that are mixed with multiple pathogens, contaminants, adulterants, and anything else just to make it cheaper.


  • Kratom and Sustainable Sourcing: To allow for a more sustainable and eco-friendly product, there is always an option to go for more sustainable sourcing, such as securing the product itself directly from farmers.
  • Most Sustainable Kratom Strain: Green-veined strains are technically the best choice when it comes to finding the most sustainable strain. Harvesting green veins allows the trees to mature and sustain their production for generations.
  • Cheap V.S. Sustainable: Although obtaining sustainable Kratom products won’t be cheap, it’s definitely the better way. Aside from protecting yourself from the risks of health issues and preserving nature, there’s nothing more secure than the most trusted method of purchasing Kratom.
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