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  1. What is Bali and Maeng Da Strains?
  2. Difference of Bali and Maeng Da Strains
  3. Dosages of Bali and Maeng Da

Kratom, a plant species that has been used for centuries, has gained popularity in recent years. With a multitude of strains available, it can be overwhelming for new users to choose the right one. Two of the most popular strains are Bali Kratom and Maeng Da.

What is Bali and Maeng Da Strains?

Bali Kratom has its origins in Borneo, Indonesia, while Maeng Da comes mainly from Malaysia and Thailand. Bali Kratom has broader leaves and a faster growth rate, making it the oldest strain in the market, while Maeng Da is a relatively new hybrid plant. The grounded powder of Bali Kratom has a dark reddish tinge, while the Maeng Da has a slight purplish look with a surprisingly sweet aroma.

Difference of Bali and Maeng Da Strains

Both strains have differences in their biochemical constituents. Bali Kratom has the highest concentration of alkaloids among any other plant, with over 25 strains of alkaloids, including Indoles Mitragynine, speciogynine, paynanthine, oxindoles, Mitraphylline, and speciofoline. Maeng Da has high concentrations of Mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, speciogynine, speciociliatine, and paynanthine. Mitragynine is the most active compound of this plant and is used to relieve chronic discomfort.

Bali Kratom is mainly used for the elevation of mental well-being, providing an ideal balance between stimulation and sedation, making it suitable for productivity and focus. Maeng Da is the most potent strain, with relaxing and analgesic properties. It is used to relieve discomfort and boost energy levels, without the jittery effects of coffee.

Dosages of Bali and Maeng Da

When it comes to dosage, the onset of action of Bali Kratom is 20-30 minutes and lasts for 3-4 hours, while the effects of Maeng Da kick start in less than 10 minutes and lasts for about 8 hours. Recommended doses of Maeng Da range from 2 grams on an empty stomach to 7-10 grams for analgesic and relaxing effects. For Red Bali, 2-4 grams of powder are enough to elicit the desired effects, with 4-8 grams being the standard dose.

It is important to note that Kratom should not be used concurrently with other drugs metabolized in the liver, as it reduces clearance and prolongs the effects of the drugs. Both compounds’ side effects are mild, but they include a decrease in appetite, diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety, and muscle discomforts.

In conclusion, both Maeng Da and Bali Kratom have some close origins. However, from their sources, appearance, biochemical constituents, and uses, these two compounds are quite different and, if not apparent to the novice, can lead to unwanted side effects. Therefore, it is essential to buy Kratom products from reputable sources like


  • Bali Kratom finds its roots in Borneo, Indonesia, while Maeng Da Kratom is cultivated in Malaysia and Thailand.
  • Bali and Maeng Da Kratom strains differ in their chemical composition and effects.
  • Bali Kratom: Takes 20-30 minutes, lasts 3-4 hours while, Maeng Da: Kicks in <10 minutes, lasts around 8 hours.


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