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1.Stay Safe, Stay Strong: Why Testing Kratom Matters?
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Kures Apothecary | Reasons Why Lab-tested Kratom Matters for your Experience

Welcome to the scientific world of KRATOM. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just dipping your botanical exploration like me, understanding the importance of lab testing is very important for safety and satisfying experience. Imagine we are here to guide you to step-by-step guide by confidence knowing that what you consume if pure, free from contaminants ,scientifically tested and proven, most of all passed the Certification of Analyzation (COA).

Knowing what we consume is pure, potent and precisely what it claims to be real is crucial to make sure we are taking kratom the safest and effective as much as possible. Lab testing is like your shining armor offering you assurance, protection, and peace of mind. Kratom Safety certifications speaks louder than sweet words.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong: Why Testing Kratom Matters?

Testing kratom thoroughly is super important to understand how it affects people. When we check for heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, and other bad stuff, we can make sure kratom products are safe to use.

Even though kratom might have some good sides, we need to remember the risks it brings. It’s really important for folks to know about the chance of getting addicted, feeling sick when stopping, and getting contaminated kratom. If anyone’s worried about their health, they should talk to a doctor.

We need more studies and rules to make sure kratom is safe and works well for medical reasons. Let’s learn more about this natural remedy and make sure it helps without causing any problems. Checking Kratom Certification of Analyzation (COA) is a must folk!

Some of the kratom lab tests that should be conducted include:

Type of TestDescription
Potency TestingThis test checks the alkaloid content in kratom, ensuring it has the right amount for desired effects.
Heavy Metals TestingDetects toxic metals like lead and arsenic in kratom, preventing harm from consumption.
Microbial TestingIdentifies harmful bacteria like Salmonella, ensuring kratom is free from contamination.
Pesticide Residue TestingDetects harmful pesticides in kratom, safeguarding against potential health risks.
Mycotoxin TestingEnsures kratom is free from toxins produced by molds, protecting consumers from health issues.
Foreign Matter TestingChecks for impurities like soil or metal fragments, ensuring kratom’s purity and safety.

Kratom Lab Test and Certifications

According to CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS SEARCH, kratom products must undergo independent testing for identification, heavy metals content, and other contaminants. This testing ensures that our products contain the listed ingredients without any added substances that might pose a threat to your health.

The laboratory analysis checks for the following:

  • Heavy Metals: Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury
  • Microbes: Aerobic Plate Count, Yeast and Mold, Coliforms and E Coli, Salmonella

Only products that pass these rigorous tests are available for purchase. Additionally, a Certificate of Analysis is provided for each batch to further demonstrate the safety of our products.

Quality Assurance & Safety

The safety of employees and customers is top priority. The standard operating procedures are among the most stringent in the industry. During the coronavirus pandemic, we implemented even stricter policies, such as frequent sanitization and deep cleaning, limited facility access, physical distancing enforcement, and additional measures for personal and public safety.

Manufacturing Practices

American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practices Qualified Kratom Vendor (AKA GMP Vendor), as well as a founding member of the AKA. This accreditation reflects our commitment and compliance to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), ensuring the safety of our facility, employees, products, and customers.

Triple Purification Process

As part of the kratom extraction process, solvents are introduced. Consequently, while our products are generally affordable, they may cost slightly more than others on the market because most manufacturers do not prioritize purification.

Third-Party Testing

After Triple Purification Process, all products undergo thorough testing at an accredited, third-party lab to ensure they meet our high standards for safety, quality, and purity. Products that do not meet these standards are not available for sale.

Affordability Meets Assurance

While products are generally affordable, they may cost slightly more than others on the market because most manufacturers do not prioritize purification. Nevertheless, we believe in providing only the purest kratom products to our customers and work hard to maintain affordability without compromising quality.

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End note

In Kures.Co. we work hard to make sure our kratom products are super safe and pure before they get to you. We do lots of testing and follow strict rules to make sure everything is top-notch. Our stuff goes through a bunch of checks to make sure it’s good to go. So when you buy from us, you can feel good knowing you’re getting the best quality kratom out there.


  • We test our kratom products a lot to make sure they’re safe and pure.
  • In Kures.CO., we follow strict rules and clean our products thoroughly to meet high industry standards for quality and safety.


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