Hush Ultra Kratom Shot

Hush Ultra Kratom Shot

Hush Ultra Kratom Shot

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Hush Kratom

Looking for a good tasting Kratom shot? The Hush Ultra shot is about the best there is. The good people at Hush Kratom blended their, extremely pure, Kratom with tropical flavoring. Hush Ultra features 80% pure alkaloids and offers some of the highest purity. This 10mL shot is equivalent to 7-8 grams of Kratom leaf powder.  One of the only non-alcohol based shots.

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A delicious lemon-lime flavored kratom shot that delivers more than flavor is what you’re going to get with Hush Kratom Ultra.

Now, if you’re familiar with kratom shots and their flavor, you most likely are aware that most are just shades of the same flavor. And as such, can be difficult to stomach. The Hush Kratom Ultra Shot has a distinctly different flavor than other brands on the market. It has a pleasant tropical, lemon-lime flavor that isn’t as syrupy as other kratom shots available. In fact, the first ingredient in the Hush Ultra Shot is lime juice! This makes it incredibly pleasing to drink alone or a delectable addition to your favorite juice or smoothie.

After you get over the surprise of the delightful flavor as well as packaging, you’ll continue to be impressed with everything else that the Hush Ultra Shot packs in with it. Before we get into how pure it is and how amazing their testing and processing is, let’s get into the effects. This is a highly effective shot full of highly concentrated alkaloids. The typical kratom herbal supplement (in leaf/powder form) usually contains about 15mg of Mitragynine alkaloids along with the plant’s other naturally occurring alkaloids. Many people use 3-5 grams to achieve results. Hush Kratom Ultra Shots contain significantly more, and they feature 80% pure full spectrum alkaloids- some of the highest purity available. Each bottle of Hush Ultra contains 10mL of liquid tincture, which is broken down into three suggested servings (each about 3.3mL). There is 107-113 mg of Mitragynine in each 10mL bottle, this is the equivalent of 7-9 grams of kratom leaf powder (or 2-3 grams per 3.3mL serving).

It is easy to figure out the dosage as there are markings on the side of the bottle with each of the three measurements. Also of note is that the bottle itself is made of glass, which means you don’t need to worry about micro plastics being absorbed into your tincture and you by proxy.

Hush uses Maeng Da kratom strains of kratom. It has been reported to produce pain relief, a feeling of euphoria, stress relief, improved focus, increased energy, a stronger sense of empathy, and relaxation. The effects are said to be felt within ten to twenty minutes after consumption and are generally maintained for around one to two hours. Also, important to note is that kratom in low doses has a more energizing effect, while higher doses produce a more sedentary effect. So, if a person has not established a tolerance to kratom, then taking a high dose may not produce the energizing effects they might hope for.

New and moderate users are recommended to start with just one serving (3.3mL) of Hush Ultra Shot and add as necessary for desired results.


A leader in the market of kratom extracts, Hush Kratom products are extremely pure. The good people at Hush process everything in-house so they can be sure of the purity and practices involved in the creation of each product. Hush Kratom uses only food-grade solvents to pull the alkaloids from the Mitragynine Speciosa plant material. The food-grade solvent ensures that the Hush Ultra shot is clean and free of chemicals. Also, they eliminate many things from their extracts that most people find undesirable such as leaf material, phyto material, lipids, waxes, tannins, and oils. The goal of Hush’s refined extraction process is to ensure that they achieve an impeccably pure alkaloid product.


All Hush Kratom products are GMP certified which means that they are ensured that your Hush products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It’s designed to minimize the risks involved in any production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. Each item undergoes a quality control system guaranteeing they are sufficiently tested and dosed for optimal effectiveness.

If you’re interested in reading the specific lot report for your Hush Ultra Shot, you can go to their website and look up the specific batch/lot report!



Additional information

Bottle Size

10 ml

Serving Size

3.3 ml

Servings Per Container



Lime Juice, Water, Propylene Glycol, Mytragyna Especiosa Extract. Sulfites, Natural and Artifical Flavers.

Active Ingredients (Per Bottle)

Mitragynine 107-113 mg, 7-hydroxymitragynine <0.02%


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5 reviews for Hush Ultra Kratom Shot

  1. 4 out of 5

    Beth K

    Good product – better price then I’ve found elsewhere. Shipping said two days but I got mine in three. Would have liked faster shipping.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Eric B.

    My order got messed up. Kures was great at resolving. They shipped me out a new package overnight delivery at no cost and let me keep the messed up order. Amazing customer service!

  3. 5 out of 5


    By far the best one I’ve tried! I’ve taken kratom for 4 yrs this is the best extract shot I’ve tried! Not near as nasty tasting either

  4. 5 out of 5

    Ralph W

    This is one of the best shots you can get, in my opinion. And probably the best price right now

  5. 5 out of 5

    Jon Honda

    I am a recovering addict and was looking for a Kratom shot that was alcohol free. Thanks to Kures support team for recommending this.

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