Remarkable Herbs Green Malaysian Kratom Powder – 20 oz

Remarkable Herbs Green Malaysian Kratom Powder – 20 oz

Remarkable Herbs Green Malaysian Kratom Powder – 20 oz


Remarkable Herbs
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Key Features

When a consistent product is important to ensure purity and potency, Remarkable Herbs Green Malaysian Kratom is your best choice.  Remarkable Herbs commitment to provide the highest quality Kratom extends to their selection of only the most experienced of farmers who grow and harvest from plants at the peek of their alkaloid potency.

When consistent results matter, you can count on Remarkable Herbs for the highest quality Green Malaysian Kratom.

Remarkable Herbs is one of the longest-running kratom companies in the US, their commitment to consistent and potent quality includes resealable packaging with an oxygen barrier for some of the freshest kratom available.  Remarkable Herbs environmental commitment ensures all products are sustainably grown and rigorously batch blended and tested.


Kratom is typically available in three strains; red, green and white veined.  Each strain coming from a different stage in the plants maturity.  As the plant matures, the leaves develop beneficial alkaloids that are said to produce differing benefits.

Green Vein Kratom:

Green Vein Kratom leaves come from plants in their mid-stage of maturity and are reported to produce benefits in the following areas:

  1. Increased Energy.
  2. Improved mood and outlook.
  3. Increased sense of calm and focus.

Green Vein Kratom is said to have subtle but long lasting effects.

Individual results may vary.


Malaysian Region: Kratom grown specifically in this region is said to have the additional benefits of improving cognitive function with mild pain relieving.


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