Krave Red Dragon Kratom Capsules – 300 ct

Krave Red Dragon Kratom Capsules – 300 ct

Krave Red Dragon Kratom Capsules – 300 ct


Krave Kratom

A highly exclusive and treasured formulation.

Hand-picked from pristine Kratom plants, found only in the heart of the jungle, Krave’s Red Dragon Kratom capsules contain some of the best Kratom money can buy.  These Krave Red Dragon capsules are a proprietary blend of potent, compound-rich leaves to deliver extraordinary benefits every time.

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Krave Red Dragon Kratom capsules offer you an exclusive strain that is prepared from premiere Mitragyna Speciosa plants. These rare plants grow in the deepest jungles of Thailand and Malaysia. The leaves are hand-picked at the precise age of maturity to ensure a dense, compound-rich product.

The soil composition within this region, including its fertility and climate conditions, plays a vital role in producing this exquisite, highly sought-after Red Dragon Kratom strain.

Krave manufactures these 100% organically grown plants to the highest standard on the market. The Red Dragon Kratom powder is then sealed without any added ingredients, giving its users the purity and potency they desire.

Key Features

  • 100% organically grown
  • No added fillers or ingredients – just pure Red Dragon Kratom
  • Hand-picked at peak maturity for optimal results
  • Users state this strain is beneficial for mood, pain, energy, focus, and much more

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an experienced Kratom user, could these Krave capsules work for me?

Even some of our most experienced Kratom users are blown away by the power and effectiveness of these capsules.

Is this strain of Kratom blended with other fillers or ingredients within the capsules?

No, these gelatin capsules are filled with only Mitragyna Speciosa. These capsules are precisely measured and sealed to ensure both the highest quality and benefits.

I’m new to Kratom, should I steer clear of these Kratom capsules?

Although the Red Dragon strain is potent, that doesn’t mean beginners wouldn’t have success with it. We recommend beginning with a small dose and seeing how your body reacts to it, as every person’s results can vary. These capsules definitely pack a punch, so use with caution.

I’m looking for other organically grown Kratom, can you make any recommendations?

We appreciate your commitment to quality! Some of our favorites are the Krave 100x shot, OPMS Gold, and MIT45 Boost.

Additional information

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If you're new to taking Kratom, we recommend consuming a smaller daily dose, as Red Dragon Kratom is a stronger stain.


Mitragyna Speciosa


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