CBD Vape Pen (Strawberry Lemonade - 200mg)

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This disposable vape pen is new & improved from CBD Distillery. They've upgraded their product line to use the newest top-of-the-line parts and ingredients. The powerful CCELL disposable battery, CBD isolate, natural food-grade Tec Temper carrier oil, and natural flavorings combine to provide optimal CBD delivery with the delicious natural strawberry lemonade flavor.

Once you receive your pen, you'll be ready to get started. There's no setup or additional parts - this disposable vape pen comes ready-to-go so you can get started vaporizing right away.

Product Details

  • 200mg of CBD isolate total
  • Natural Strawberry Lemonade flavorings
  • CCELL vape pen (Uses a ceramic core)
  • Tec Temper oil (a natural food grade carrier for CBD oil, instead of PG, VG, or MCT)
  • GMO-Free and no pesticides