Puffco Peak Atomizer

Puffco Peak Atomizer

Puffco Peak Atomizer


The Peak atomizer is a thermal-banger style, designed for optimal heat performance. It’s made without the use of any coils, glues, plastics, or fibers, creating the purest consumption experience ever. It contains a ceramic bowl that provides the best possible flavor and heat profile.

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The Puffco atomizer uses a ceramic bowl — there are no coils in sight. This lets you heat your desired concentrates more evenly, which results in a smoother flavor. Even heating equals an even taste that doesn’t burn the delicate flavor profile of the terpenes away.

Its heating element is encased in ceramic, which mitigates the combustion risk. It also means the Puffco atomizer is longer-lasting than coiled atomizers.

About Puffco Peak Atomizer

  • Thermal-banger Puffco atomizer
  • Coil-less design featuring a ceramic bowl
  • Take it apart for cleaning
  • No toxic glue, fibers or plastic
  • OEM product, made especially for the Puffco Peak vaporizer

– Avoid disassembling your atomizer, clean fully assembled in 99% isopropyl alcohol.
– Avoid overloading, this will flood your atomizer and can break it.

Additional information


Ceramic Bowl within Stainless Steel Housing

Atomizer Lifespan

1-3 months depending on usage. Longer if regular cleaning is maintained.


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